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Welcome to makerainbarrel.com! We are an aggressive research team for how to select your rain barrel systems today. We understand the importance and need to make the best possible decision when looking to purchase a rain water barrel , so this site has information on design, construction, and links to purchase the best possible rain water barrel and accessories. We hope you enjoy the information contained here and that you get your own rain barrel because it looks like rainclouds today.

 The benefits to installing a Rain water Barrel are simple. A rain water barrel can help sell house. That’s right! When people are shopping for a house they always want to know about utilities costs; is it energy efficiency? What better way to promote your home to potential buyers than being able to say, “This house has its own FREE outdoor water supply.” A Rain barrel can also be a beautiful addition to a home; there are many different styles and designs to choose from. The bottom line, Rain Barrel on your property, can make you money!!!

If you are planning to stay in your home, a Rain Barrel system is perfect way to enhance the natural beauty of your landscape and SAVE YOU MONEY!!!. Collected water uses include flower beds, lawn, garden, and washing vehicles. Plants and vegetables always grow better and faster with nature’s mineral filled water over the chemical filled water supplied to your home from local utility companies. By harvesting rainwater, you can water your landscape when mother-nature decides to bring on the heat and cities order water rationing in the hot summer months.

With the water that is collected you can also wash your car. Think about that if you take your car to a car wash, it’s around 15 dollars if you wash your car every 2 weeks during the 6 months of spring and summer for 1 car, which is a savings of $180.00! If your family has 2 cars, that would be a savings of $360.00. You can wash the outside of your house, your decks, and you can even do those dirty windows without creating a single bill increase.

If your family has a motor home, camper, motorcycle, boat, bicycles, and any other outdoor toys or hobbies, they all can be sparkling clean at no cost to you with your rain barrel.


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